The Gower Street Detective – M.R.C. Kasasian

The Gower Street Detective 1

Recently I have finished the first three books (awaiting the fourth which will be published in June, 2016) of a series of books of the ‘Gower Street Detectives’ by M.R.C. Kasasian.

I came by the books through a friend’s recommendation, because previously I had never heard of these detectives. We should all be glad to have such friends!

Thou shallt not judge a book by it’s cover, so the saying goes, but look at them and don’t you just love them? The lettertype, the feeling of suspence, the bold colors.. they all add to that great feeling of having, or wanting, to own the books.

It is the year 1882 and March Middleton moves to London to live with her guardian Sidney Grice, one whom she has never met before and apparentlhy is a famous detective, albeit it with less heart as intelligence. Where have we seen that before? 

The Gower Street Detective 2
The Gower Street Detective 2

Yes, it is a bit like Holmes and dr Watson, and in effect Dr. Watson appears in the first book saying that “he is inspired by her book on her  father and is looking to write a similar one”.



The three books sofar are a great read, very likeable and personally I can’t wait and am looking forward to the fourth, being ‘The Secrets of Gaslight Lane’.

The Gower Street Detective 4

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