Silver – Mark L. Fowler


Silver is such a gripping psychological and yet brutal crime novel that it has left me shocked and bewildered. It is about a man anSilverd his revenge, about a boy grown up in such surroundings, that he is lost forever. Meet the authors that die according to the crimes in their own novels and discover the gruesome plot behind their deaths and why he, who is seemingly innocent, is slowly but steadily controlling his environment and the people that are unfortunate enough to have caught his attention.

What is happening in Westfield prison? Did Joy Haversham have to die? What is the shocking truth behind her unfinished novel ‘Silver’? Has crime journalist and author Nick Slater ulterior motives when courting Joy’s daughter Grace and is it just the manuscript he’s interested in finishing and publishing? And what on earth is professor Roger Haversham, belated husband of Joy, creating in the secrecy of his home in the woods?

Where the book starts with the so called accidents of crime writers becomes clearer with every page that these could very well be premeditated and therefore murders. We get an insight into the childhood of two brothers, with an abusive mother and a father who imprints his visions into his children, especially the youngest one. This would be Ray de Gil, or is he not? Is he wrongfully accused and innocently biding his time in Westfield prison or is there more that the eye cannot see? And why oh why went Nick Slater away from an interview in prison with the concept of a book in his head, that looks a lot like Joy Haversham’s unfinished brutal novel ‘Silver’?

Be aware that you carefully choose your time to pick up this crime and suspension novel, because once entered into the evil world of Ray de Gil, you simply cannot turn back. You have to get to the bottom of this dark and psychological drama and will be enthralled and captivated until the very last pages. Catch your breath because you will only be able to inhale freely after you’ve closed this book and know it all.

About the author: This is Mark Fowler’s third book. He started his crime writer career with “Coffin Maker”, a 2014 gothic fantasy about Coffin, who lives in the Kingdom of Death and writes The History of Death. In this journal he keeps notes of every coffin he has made and of the subsequent death of an earthly human. But things are going on that will shake the Kingdom of Death profoundly. His second crime novel is the 2015 detective fantasy “The Man Upstairs” wherein private detective Frank Miller conducts his dark cases in the city of Chapeltown. He finds that The Man Upstairs is not only plotting to kill him but also planning to destroy Chapeltown.

Mark .L. Fowler

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